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Vision and Mission

“To be the most trusted organic producer.“

“To expand organic farming via the forest gardening concept, converting conventional agricultural lands into organic farm lands, while preserving the environment for fauna and flora; assisting those in the process of preserving traditional seeds and crops; and to learn and leverage the natural healing power of traditional food crops.“

Our values and principles

“Long coexistence of Humans with fauna and flora has proved that we are entirely dependent on the eco-system. However, the coexistence is threatened, following recent developments in technology and growing mass production, highly dependant on chemically processed fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide and genetically modified seeds with high yield. Through Organic Farming we strive to ethically protect the natural goodness of fauna and flora adhering to the following principles.“

Our Principles
  • We do not disturb environment and coexist with natural movement of fauna and flora.
  • We do not use any chemicals in our process and use only organic input in our plantations.
  • We take from the farmland only the minimum necessary and give back the maximum possible, by way of re-cycling.
  • We do not use any seeds from unknown sources. We only use own seeds processed at our farms.
  • We do not use any fertilizer - even organic, manufactured by others.
  • We ensure our products are 100% organic and natural.
  • We encourage other farms to farm organically and assist them by providing manure and seeds




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