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The Farm

Located in Sri Lanka, approximately 90 km from Colombo in the rolling countryside of Rambukkana in the Kegalle district, our family owned organic farm has been producing naturally grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and medicinal plants for four generations.

Naturally Good Food

The benefits of organically produced foods far outweigh the effort of producing them. Primary among them is the avoidance of traces of pesticides that remain in most commercially cultivated crops. In addition, organic farming preserves helpful nutrients that naturally exist in fruits and vegetables. They improve your immune system, and are better for the environment overall.


Organic Products

Certified Organic?

All our crops are grown without any harmful chemical pesticides or artificial fertilisers. We adhere strictly to the four principles of organic farming: Ecology, Health, Fairness and Care. All our fertilisers are produced on site, using age old traditional methods, some of the processes modernised to improve efficiency.

Our Quality Standards

Every product manufactured at the farm goes through stringent quality control processes, and tested before being released to the market, to ensure that they satisfy the customer and ensure that they will return repeatedly to enjoy the benefits of our vast range of products.