Why Organic

Development of Science, Technology and Industry has put us in a polluted mess. We breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, grow on polluted water and eat. It is doubtful about long-term existence of living beings/things on earth due to discharge of unlimited toxin into air and earth. Entire modern agricultural system has become slaves of harmful chemicals fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, weedicide etc. Soil and water have been polluted and all microorganisms are dying due to ignorant and excessive discharge of unauthorized chemicals. 

When we eat food grown in this environment and drink water from this environment it is not possible to avoid ingesting these harmful chemicals into our bodies. Recent experiencing of acid rain which spoils the top surface of the soil is an alarming signal for us to have anything grown in earth. Then how do we expect any living being to exist on earth one day after many years. 

We, at our farms do not limit just farming without harmful chemical but go beyond into protecting environment, agricultural traditions, traditional seeds, welfare of all other living by creating forest edges and further we use sensible energy derived from HOMA Farming and Ancient Vedic Science in cleaning the atmosphere.


In our approach to organic farming, we prioritize environmental stewardship and sustainability at every step. We meticulously select lands that are not prone to contamination from wind, stormwater, animals, or other sources. Our practices are designed to work harmoniously with nature, respecting the natural behaviors of fauna and flora. We strictly avoid the use of chemicals, relying solely on organic inputs produced within our farm premises. By recycling and utilizing only the final consumable parts of crops, we aim to give back as much as possible to the farm and environment. Our commitment to organic integrity extends to our planting materials, ensuring they are non-genetically modified.

We prioritize soil health through minimal tillage to prevent erosion. To maintain the purity of our products, we adhere to stringent organic practices and post-harvest management techniques, avoiding contamination, heat exposure, and other harmful factors that could compromise their natural goodness. Our processing methods emphasize manual labor and heat-controlled machinery to preserve the inherent qualities of the produce. Packaging is designed to minimize environmental impact, with a focus on reducing the use of polythene and stickers for reusability. Each product is meticulously labeled and sourced, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout our operations.